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About the artist...

I have always been fascinated by the natural world, from the soil and stones on which we walk, to the creepy crawly critters that roam the earth, on up to birds which soar through invisible currents of air.  Ever since I was a child I would seek out these places, finding peace in the solitude and quiet which nature has to offer.  Inspired by this love for the planet, I pursued an undergraduate degree in biology and chemistry, which was shortly followed by a masters in entomology, earned from Virginia Tech.


In addition to my interest in science, I’m also in love with various forms of artistic expression through visual art, as well as music.  During my spare time I enjoy drawing fantastical creatures, which tend to emerge from the paper as though through their own power.  Creating jewelry is yet another of my interests, and many of these items also reflect the natural world, being decorated with various flora and fauna.  I have a line of jewelry made from beetle elytra, and also make jewelry from wire and beads.  Playing the harp has allowed me to share my passion for music with people, and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to play for others, whether at local cafes in the Portland area, or for a party or wedding.  Please feel free to contact me about playing the harp for any occasion, if you are interested in certain items on my website, or if you have any pressing insect-related questions. 


Finally, I enjoy time spent outdoors experiencing the sights and smells of the mountains and oceans.  There is something incredibly satisfying about being able to hike to the top of a mountain and gaze out at the surrounding peaks and valleys, or kayaking on a lake that’s as smooth and placid as a mirror.  I find inspiration in such settings, both for my music and art, and also find these experiences to be rejuvenating, allowing me to feel whole and complete.  I strongly encourage you to do the same, go out and find a beautiful, pristine place, and focus on deeply inhaling the clear air, listening to the birds and insects (or perhaps complete silence), and filling your eyes with the incredible sights.

Please feel free to contact me via email:

I also welcome you to check out my Etsy page EntoWhimsy

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